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March 16, 2021

Save or Splurge // Wedding Day edition

Wedding planning can be so stressful, but I am here to help! TOP SECRET: It is only as stressful as you make it!

I always tell my brides that they have around the clock access to me. Most of the time it is not all photography related. We talk about florals, life, dresses, makeup, family, kids, the future and the list goes onnn and onnn!! I love talking with my brides about all things wedding, but I also may love talking to them about life a tad bit more!

It is an outlet for my brides and helps get their mind off of planning a wedding! There is value in finding a photographer than can offer a friendship, as well as deliver their services. That goes for most vendors honestly!

Okaayyyy… Let’s dive in! I know you are here to figure out what is important to SPLURGE or SAVE on. I have planned my own elopement, as well as our “big” wedding (thx COVID). I have also photographed many weddings that have shown me exactly the way to go. This is obviously personal opinion, so take it or leave it!

A peek of our elopement! Photo taken by Dakota Hersey!

Hint: You are going to want to take IT (;

Save on your VEIL… I purchased my elopement veil from amazon for THIRTY BUCKS and it still gave me those dreamy veil shots.

Splurge on your SHOES! Your shoes are going to be photographed in your detail shots and you are going to want to make sure they are comfortable! For our big wedding, I am splurging on shoes for picture purposes and going barefoot for comfort. Shhhh… that is a secret! I am wearing a big dress and no one will ever be able to tell!

Save on table numbers/seating charts… You know how people pay big money to have a beautiful sign with calligraphy with the seating chart? It does create a beautiful picture, but in all honesty you will look at that picture once in your online gallery and move on. It doesn’t seem worth it to me!

Splurge on a DJ… The key to a fun reception is GOOD music! Guest will remember your wedding for the music that is played, not if you had a seating chart! A great DJ in turn creates a full gallery of the best reception images that you will look back on for years to come!

Save on favors… Most of the time people forget to grab these as they are going out the door, so don’t spend too much time on it. You can find relatively inexpensive favors on Etsy that come pre-packaged, so you don’t have to spend hours putting them together! Koozies are an all time fav for people to remember your wedding!

Splurge on the cake… People love their sweets! Splurge on the taste, more so, than the tiers of the cake. Some people want an elaborate fancy wedding cake! That is great, but the taste matters more than the appearance. You don’t want to be left with 3 tiers of leftover cake because it did not taste good.

Save on the alcohol… If you are wanting to have alcohol at your wedding do beer and wine. You can keep that relatively cheap VS liquor. You also don’t want to be dealing with a bunch of drunks. Take my advice here. Weddings seem to get out of hand when liquor is involved. Some wedding venues will not allow it.

Splurge on the meal… People remember your wedding by the food! We are humans who love to eat! I find that plated dinners go quicker because you are not having people waiting in a buffet line. The only con to plated is SOMETIMES the food will be cold because they are plating so much at one time. Buffet is normally over some sort of heat source to keep the food warm. Just a thought for you if you are deciding between the two!

Save on floral seating… This is nice to have, but not necessary. You may be wondering what I am referring to. You know how people will decorate the pews? This is really popular for church weddings because that is normally all you can decorate. If that is the case, then definitely decorate them, but it something you can save on for sure.

Splurge on your floral alter… This is where you will get married! It may be a floral arch, cross, hanging arrangement, etc. This is where all your pictures will be focused towards, so you are going to want to go BIG here. Photographers may even do family pictures at this area. I believe this is NO doubt a place you should splurge.

Save on grandmas flower… When I say save here I am not saying do not do it. I am saying keep it minimal! Most of the time, the family will not even pay close attention to the flower they are wearing. As long as they are recognized!

Splurge on the bridal bouquet… Your bridal bouquet is showing up in pictures ALL day long! Make sure it is something you love. Does it compliment your dress well? Does it match the theme of the wedding? Keep these things in mind.

Save on accessories… You can find cheap jewelry that is BEAUTIFUL!! No need for a $150 pair of earrings. Even better if you can borrow your wedding jewelry. More than likely, it will mean more to you that way! The most expensive jewelry should be your ring!

Splurge on your wedding dress… Make sure you are comfortable in your dress, BUT most importantly make sure you feel the best you have ever felt in it. Use your dress to compliment your best features! Don’t stick to the trend. Do what makes you happy! It is your day and you deserve to SHINE!

Save on aunt Karen… A lot of the times you are close to the wedding and you realize you do not have a coordinator. You call up aunt Karen who has never coordinated a wedding in her life to do it. The rehearsal is absolutely insane and you wonder where you went wrong. Make sure you hire someone to coordinate that knows what they are doing.

Splurge on a wedding planner… I saved the most important for last! This plays off of the last “Save on”. I promise this is going to make your day go so much smoother! I have seen weddings with and without. The weddings with a planner/coordinator makes everyones lives overall BETTER. I can not stress this one enough!

I hope you found this information helpful! I have poured my heart into these thoughts! It is not easy to plan a wedding, but I try to make it as easy as possible!

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