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Take Flight • Take Flight

I once felt so alone as a beginner photographer, struggling to find my way in this field. I couldn't bear the thought of letting one more person experience the loneliness growth can bring. It wasn't until I discovered a community of like-minded photographer friends that I truly began to flourish. Having friends who understand the highs and lows of this creative journey, who were experiencing the exact same motions, was incredibly helpful. It was a turning point in my career and personal growth.

That's why I created the Ultimate Photography Workshop (TFW). Yes, it's about teaching and educating, but it's also about something more profound – building a supportive community. I believe that together, we can achieve so much more. The camaraderie, the shared passion, and the collective knowledge are what set us apart.

You're leveling up in your photography business but it's been a lonely road.

let me guess...

The Take Flight Workshop

Extensive education on business strategy and how to be more confident behind the camera


A full day, hands-on, in-person interactive experience


Professional headshots to use in your marketing



I invite you to join us for a photography workshop like no other, designed to ignite your passion for photography, enhance your technical skills, and provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the industry. Our mission is clear: to provide an interactive and inspiring workshop for photographers of all levels. We're dedicated to promoting creativity, enhancing technical skills, and nurturing a supportive community where your passion for photography can flourish. We offer a platform for encouragement, collaboration, and professional growth. It's time to empower yourself as a photographer and take your skills to the next level.

Are you an intermediate photographer looking to elevate your skills and join a thriving community of like-minded individuals?

"TFW was life changing for my business! Before taking Payton's workshop, I felt so alone in the industry. My client experience was….. I’ll say subpar and my marketing and connection with clients on a personal level was non-existent. Now I’ve double my followers, am booked during busy seasons (sometimes overbooked) and have personal relationships with my clients where we can really be ourselves and enjoy hanging out together! Most importantly, I’m involved in a community full of growing and inspiring photographers in more than one county!"


got connected:


"Before attending the Taking Flight workshop, photography was a side gig. After attending I gained the confidence to take it full-time and I couldn’t be happier! From nailing down a workflow and editing more consistently to now having knowledge to run my side gig as a legit business. So incredibly thankful for this workshop and for Payton’s heart to help others grow in something she’s so passionate about."


went full-time:


"Payton gave me so much help and direction! She helped me create a strategic plan for posting on social media (which has always been a struggle for me), organize my workflows, and helped me nail indoor camera settings. I was able to get her opinion on editing and what to look for in slight adjustment that helped my work tremendously. She inspired me to get a website up and going, which I’m so excited about! It’s been on my list for so long and Payton helped me get in contact with the right person that could help me get it going! Overall, in such a small amount of time we covered SO much and I finally have a game plan for the future!"


got in the groove:


Unlock the keys to a thriving photography business with Payton. From creating a strong foundation through workflows, systems, and schedules to overcoming imposter syndrome, staying busy during slow months, and building unwavering confidence, Payton's guidance will get you ready to thrive in your photography journey!

Join Drew as he takes you on a journey to understand the magic of intentionality in your photography business. Drew will share his practical tips and insights to help you infuse intention into every facet of your business. Get ready to create a roadmap that aligns with your vision and unlocks your business's full potential. This is your chance to level up your photography business through the power of intentionality!

Meet Your Expert Speakers

Payton Herring

Drew Coleman

Elevate Your Business Confidence with

harnessing intentionality with

Join Becca as she shares her tips for keeping your brand true and engaging. Learn how to make the most of your email list and social media. Becca's insights will help you connect with your audience in an authentic, compelling way. Don't miss out on mastering the art of genuine brand marketing!

Becca Hall

stay true to your brand with


  • 5 PM: Gather at the Goldsboro Airbnb
  • 5 - 6 PM: Meet & Mingle at the Airbnb
  • 6 PM: Dinner reservations
  • 8 PM: Return to the Airbnb for a good night's rest before the big workshop!


🎟️ vip ticket holders only

Workshop Itinerary

  • 8:30 AM - 9 AM: Mingling & Light Breakfast
  • 9 - 11 AM: Main Session
  • 11 AM: Q&A & Interactive Activity
  • 11:30 AM: Lunch
  • 12 PM  Headshots
  • 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM: Styled Shoot
  • 2:30 PM: SURPRISE announcement
  • 3 PM: SURPRISE Session
  • 4 PM: Workshop concludes


the main event!

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VIP pass

🎟️ An overnight Airbnb stay
🎟️ Dinner at the renowned Laughing Owl
🎟️ Exclusive one-on-one meet and mingle with Payton and social media manager Becca
🎟️ Swag bag and a VIP crewneck sweatshirt

VIP ticket holders arrive at 5pm on Friday for a special evening of mingling, dinner, and preparation for the main workshop.

The VIP Pass Includes:

Styled Shoot Only

This ticket is only for the styled shoot! There is only 10 tickets available for this part! Mood boards can be found on the @takeflightworkshop Instagram! Perfect for photographers if they didn't necessarily need the education portion, but would love new wedding content! There will be 5 different set ups with 20 mins at each.

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General &
VIP Option


vip ticket can be purchased as an add-on through the link below

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I'm Payton, your your go-to photography gal

I'm the one behind the camera making my dream a reality. You see, I vividly remember being in my sophomore year of college, completely burned out and searching for my purpose. I always felt pulled towards photography but I had my doubts: how would I make a stable income, grow my business, maintain a social life, etc. Well friends, put your doubts aside... I'm here to tell you that it's possible. Allow me to be your helping hand, the person I wish I had when I started out. Let me help you Take Flight in your photography business with Take Flight Workshop!

Hi friend!

As a special bonus, I'm gifting you a comprehensive student-led workbook filled with valuable content from past workshops. Take it with you to review and reinforce what you've learned when you leave. It's your personalized guide to keep your photography journey on track and thriving!

Student-Led Workbook

free guide

Take Flight


Have questions? I have the answers...

How many people will be attending? 

Only 4 spots for VIP, 6 additional spots for general admission - 10 total for the learning portion. And 10 additional tickets for the styled shoot portion!

Where will this workshop take place?

The newest wedding venue in our town - The Lewis-Atkinson Home. A beautiful historic home that is going to bring all of your photographer dreams to life! 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

I recommend bringing your camera equipment with you, as we'll be learning hands on all day! I'll be able to hold your camera and help you with specific struggles. You can also bring your laptop!

What can I look forward to learning? 

Prepare for a jam-packed 7-hour session covering everything from camera settings and lighting examples to marketing, posing techniques, Instagram posting hacks, and more. Your photography education just got a major upgrade!

Will there be food?

Ummm, YESSS! Food will always be a factor if I am involved! Who's excited about this?! I get pumped for the food part!

How should I dress? 

We'll be taking headshots during the workshop, so you can keep it casual yet cute! Feel comfortable and confident, and don't hesitate to express your personal style. It's all about capturing your genuine self!

shoot me an email

I totally understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's chat and see if this workshop's a good fit for you!

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Take Flight • Take Flight