When we work together, I take care to notice the things that make your connections meaningful. I'm not just here to take your picture. I'm here to help you remember this time in your life. Your engagement pictures perfectly freezing the moment you decide to dedicate your life to another- his nervous hands fumbling for the ring. An image of your newborn sleeping can help you remember that sweet baby smell. Your senior portraits aren't just for the scrapbook. They're there to help you celebrate your determination and all those sleepless nights cramming for finals.

it's all about

the details

If you choose to let me be a part of a special moment in your life, here's a little rundown of how we will work together. First, we get to know each other. You can set up a free consult and we'll chat about what sweet moment you're looking to capture. Then, we'll figure out the details like date/time/what you should wear, etc. When I show up on shoot day, I want you to be completely relaxed knowing that I'm there to serve you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always excited to sit down over a glass of sweet tea and hear your story.

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For the bride to be, the newly single woman that needs a boost of confidence, the pregnant mama, and literally everyone else! No matter your celebration or size let's celebrate YOU and your body that tells the most beautiful story of all. If you have not already, go follow @paytonherringboudoir on Instagram. It is my female only page to show you all of my work! I would describe my boudoir style as empowering and tasteful! It's about time we celebrate you! Let't go girl! 


HOLY MOLY.... It is your senior year! I am sure you and your parents both are wondering how that happened to quickly! It wasn't long ago that I was a senior myself and I remember how fun the senior photo experience was! Most girls go get their hair, makeup, nails, and spray tan done and being pampered all day is the best! I loveee helping seniors pick out their outfits to match their locations, so feel free to ask all the questions!  

lifestyle newborns 

The sweetest days are right after you bring home your bundle of joy! They are so fleeting and documenting these times are so important. Those little toes and fingers don't stay little for long! I recommend your lifestyle newborn session to be in the second week of life at your home. You will be catching up from lack of sleep and exhaustion the first week and most parents feel more lively by the second week! We don't want to go past two weeks, because then the sweet babe won't be sleeping as much. The second week is the sweet spot!!

Tip: do not worry about the state of your home. I know you brought home a newborn days ago. We need one picked up well lit room and a fed sleepy baby and I can make all the magic happen! 


You are GLOWING, mama! Growing your family is such a wonderful experience and documenting this time is so special. Your baby will look at these pictures in a few years and you will be able to tell them all about your pregnancy. Maternity sessions are some of my favorites to do, because it is normally your last pictures before you become a family of three... or maybe even 4,5, or 6! (; I recommend doing your session anywhere between 26 and 34 weeks. I can't wait to capture this season of life for you!!! 

Is it time to update the family photos on the wall?! How long has it been since the last time your family had an update? Don't feel bad mama, photos get put on the back burner, because growing and raising little humans is HARD work! You are in the right place and I am going to take care of you beginning to end! I am here for all the outfit advice, location suggestions, silly face making, and the list goes on! Couples this is for you, too! 


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