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January 28, 2021

Brock Wedding

Bigger isn’t always better, and no couple proves this better than Miranda and Evan.

An elegant, unforgettable, simple yet beautiful ceremony is one of the many ways I could describe the Brock’s wedding. From the day I met Miranda, I could tell that she wasn’t your average, go-by-the-playbook bride… which is TOTALLY okay! In fact, because she a less concerned with coordinating every small detail, we were able to focus on what truly mattered.

The big day started out with lots of glam at the bride’s house, courtesy of Morgan Richards. Miranda looked absolutely stunning, makeup or not, but nothing compared to her final look.

ALMOST THERE! Adding some final additions to the hair, courtesy of Tracy Underwood. At this point in the day, it was time to leave Miranda’s house and head to the church, for her to get dressed!

The pictures certainly don’t do the dress (courtesy of Carolina Bridal World) as much justice as Miranda did in person, but before we get to that, let me cater to all of my decor-fiends! The ceremony was set at Mount Olive First Pentecostal Holiness Church. The color palette consisted mostly of white, but hints of navy and red were also scattered here and there.

Miranda gets some last-minute help from her aunt, just before she changes her last name!


And now to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and to the people who made the Brock’s day that much more special!

AND FINALLY, here comes the bride…

Y’all, I’m not kidding when I say that these two looked like an absolute DREAM standing at the alter. It was nothing short of a fairy tale.

Of course the family had to join in for a few pictures!

And even though it lasted only a couple of moments, it was soooo magical. But we didn’t waste much time because before wrapping things up and moving on to the cake!

The Big Send Off…

What a wonderful way to end the day! To Mr. and Mrs. Evan Brock, I wish you nothing but love and happiness for the rest of your lives. It was an honor to be able to photograph your wedding.

To everyone else, enjoy some more STUNNING pictures of these two!


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