When I'm not in the Chik-fil-A drive thru, with my family or petting a stranger's puppy, I'm capturing images of the sweetest Southern love I can find. Here's a peek at the work I love to do and the people who don't make it feel like work at all.

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October 23, 2019

Kearney Family

All you have to say is mention the word “beach” and I am headed your way. No seriously, I love a good beach session. Lots of families this summer took advantage of my beach sessions and I can’t complain (: 

The Kearney family made my life so easy. Yes, even with the beach winds and sticky sand.

They are one of my top favorite beach sessions to date!!! 
They were on vacation this week, so we thought what better time than NOW. They live in Nashville where Blake is working in the music industry, HOW COOL!!! He just had a single release on Itunes and you should go check it out like right NOW!!! It is called “Lotta Lovin’ You”

Keeping Caison out of the water was a task, but hey I think he had fun so that is all that matters. Skylar and Blake are just marriage GOALS and I am so grateful I could capture such a special family. 

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