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April 12, 2021

McLamb Wedding

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

– John Muir

If I had to pick one quote that Ashley and Casey reminded me of, it would have to be the one above. One of the first things I learned about these two was how much they loved the outdoors, whether it be fishing, hunting, or simply spending time in the sun. Other than their shared love of being outside, these two shared something else in common: a huge amount of love for each other. On March 28th, 2021, that love became a reality, as Mr. and Mrs. McLamb said “I do!”

The venue for the McLamb’s wedding was the beautiful Temple Represents, which provided the incredible estate pictured below. This was the first wedding ever hosted by Temple at their new location and needless to say, Ashley and Casey did a great job breaking it in. Also, can we talk about how awesome these front doors are?! They were the perfect background for these two to have their ceremony.

Before we get too carried away, I can’t leave out everything that led up to the ceremony. I started similar to most weddings I shoot – by getting a few detail shots of the ring, shoes, dress, etc. It’s pretty cool to photograph all the individual elements of a wedding and see how everything comes together in the end. Casey’s accessories were absolutely to die for and they made for some pretty amazing detail shots!

It seems wrong to talk about the details without discussing the most important part to any bride: the dress!!

Casey’s wedding dress was framed perfectly by the bridesmaids and their bouquets, and best of all, it incorporated their sage/blush color palette beautifully.

Is this not the most gorgeous shade of sage??! I seriously could not get over how well all of the colors meshed… and how well all of these gorgeous ladies looked. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

It wouldn’t be a proper wedding without a few pictures with those people closest to you. Casey and Ashley were lucky to be joined by quite a few family members who helped make their day as special as it should have been. Mom and Dad might have a special place in all of our hearts though.

We can’t forget about the groom!

Not a bad looking group of guys! Especially Casey’s nephew, who looked so handsome in his suit and tie!

OKAY! Now on to the part most of you have probably been waiting for – the ceremony! Ugh, everything about it seemed like a fairytale. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Ashely couldn’t hardly keep it together as the love of his life was walked down the aisle by her father, who also seemed to be a little emotional that his little girl was starting a new journey in life.


On to the reception! Someone is waiting patiently! <3

Mr. and Mrs. McLamb had a reception that was just as magical as their ceremony. Everything from the cake, to the table decorations, matched the aesthetic and color palette they chose!

Did I happen to mention that these two love the outdoors? Well if I didn’t, the cake says it all. Let’s just say I’m taking notes for my wedding in October.

After a wonderful meal provided by Pinelevel Parkside Catering, things kicked off with some slow-dancing.

When it came time to cut the cake, you could feel the excitement in the air. You could tell these two have been waiting a long time to do this!

And things didn’t end there! There was plenty of singing, dancing, eating, and just plain old fun to go around. Definitely an event to remember.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more respectful, and easy going couple to work with. Casey and Ashley, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day and thank you even more for being such a great group of people to photograph. I can only hope that these images do the love that y’all share some justice. May you all live happily ever after! To the vendors, listed below, thank you for your help as well!


venue: Temple Represents

florist: The Town Florist

catering: Pinelevel Parkside Catering

DJ: Kyle Pate Generations Mobile DJ Service

planning and rentals: Brooks and Reid Events

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