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March 11, 2021

What’s in my bag?

“What is your preferred lens?” “What do you shoot weddings with?” “What’s a good starter camera?” “Can you tell me EVERYTHING you know?”

Believe it or not… I get these questions daily! I figured it was time to break down and start writing educational content on the blog! This is my FIRST educational blog, so expect more SOON!

Today I am going to be sharing all of my “must-haves” with you guys! I carry a Black Kamrette backpack and I can’t imagine shooting with anything other than. It comes with detachable “walls” that you can velcro in. This part makes life super convenient for every photographer because we all carry different types of equipment.

This is how my bag looks on any occasion… YES. Weddings, couples, seniors, headshots, etc. Some photographers may change their gear out for different occasions, but I keep everything with me at all times in case of any malfunctions.

Let’s break it down! Here are my Canon 5D Mark lll bodies. I adore these bodies. I could have upgraded at this point, but I hate change. Maybe soon I will try the mirrorless. I always believe that you don’t fix what is not broken, soooo here we are! The industry will go mainly mirrorless, so eventually I will convert at some point… not today though!

Okay… now to the good stuff! Lens (insert heart eyes) Camera bodies are important, but lens give you the depth, bokeh, and length. Different lens are what helps you create diversity in an album! There are definitely ways to get variety with one lens, but having more makes life easier! Next, I am going to give you a break down of each of my lens and why I love it.

First up…. Canon 35mm 1.4

This is my holy grail girl!! If I could only live with one lens it would be this. Remember, this is only my opinion! Some photographers may think I am crazy for saying that. Here is why I love her!!!

When using this lens I am always a comfortable distance from my subject. Not right up on them, but still not a mile away. It gives me much more variety than some of my other lens. I prefer this lens for family sessions, as it is a wide angled lens.

This lens normally cost around $1800 depending on if you buy used or new! With this lens, I feel like I can make her useful in any situation and that is why I favor her!

Up next is the Canon 85mm 1.8…

I use this lens when I am shooting portraits. Normally, one subject…. but never more than two! I love this lens for bridals and seniors. You have to be a good distance from your subject for this one, BUT it gives you amaziiiing bokeh (blurriness behind your subject).

I would not consider this lens a must-have, but definitely a specialty lens! I want to upgrade this one to the Canon 85mm 1.2, but have not yet made the investment. The lens pictured cost $300-400 and the upgraded version that I want is around $2,000

Canon 50mm 1.4

This lens is probably the most popular lens preferred by photographers. It was my very first lens, as you can see the scratches on her. She desperately needs to be upgraded and will probably be the next one I upgrade.

I don’t use her a lot, at all. I know that may surprise some of my photographer friends, but I would say once every 2 months (mayyybe). This lens can be purchased used for appx. $250. A great starter lens!! The upgrade would be the 1.2 and those are $1300.

Macroooo baby!!! Canon 100mm 2.8

This lens is incredible when you really take the time to learn her! I mainly use it at weddings. I use her for ring shots and details, but before I got my 70-200mm (up next) I would use it during the ceremony to capture the rings being exchanged! Expect to pay around $1,300 for this girl!

She is a tad bit banged up (ask my husband why LOL) but still works like a champ! I had her inspected after the incident and she is 100% now! I have a TIP to give you on this lens… shoot ring shots in MANUAL, not auto! It allows you to get super close with the ring and create crystal clear shots.

Canon 70-200mm 2.8

The newest family member!!! I purchased this lens from a fellow friend, as she did not use it much anymore. New this lens would cost close to $2,000, but you can find used for $800-$1,000. This is an older version!

I would upgrade her, but don’t see the need. I only use on wedding days and it allows me to zoom. It is the only zoom lens I have. I think one misconception from people is that all lens zoom…. that’s not the case. Not an essential lens, but nice to have! Especially, for proposals when you have to hide out far away!

In my bag I also have a Canon 600EXll-RT speedlite. I use my flash at receptions and ceremony’s (sometimes). I also attach a Mag Mod to the top of my flash to help diffuse light if I am somewhere with low ceilings.

This flash is around $500 and the Mag Mod starter kit is $100. I try to avoid using flash at all cost, but sometimes in low light situations I have no other choice! I eventually want to get light stands and two more flash for receptions.

I love my memory card holders!! SO MUCH. They can easily attach to your camera bag or slip in a pocket. You can find them on BH Photo and Amazon. I am sure others have them, but that is where I found mine.

They are water and shock proof!!! YOU NEED!!

Here is the behind the scenes of capturing all of this for you!! Ignore my face lol. Soaking up all the cuddles while I work. Was this helpful? Would you love to continue to see content like this?

Thank you for coming to read my first educational blog post!!! Means the world that you are here!

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